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Fight Back has helped my two Bassetts.

I have been using Fight Back for a while now on my two Bassetts. I have found it has been great with their allergies, also have had no yeast build up in their ears since using it. Doug’s eye used to get gunky from allergy and has completely stopped that.  Have also noticed a marked difference with his bowel; much less mucus, also their general body odour has decreased greatly.  I used to bath them and they would be smelling again within a week from allergy. I would highly recommend this product it has been a great help.

Rose, Australia


"Cheaper than all the vet bills"

I should have taken before and after pictures but wow my Nala’s skin rash is so good now. Thank you ever so much for recommending this Fight Back product.  I would recommend it now to everyone - so much cheaper than all the vet bills.

Shay, Australia


"We started giving Khepera the supplement in his food on a daily basis and we're delighted to say that improvements were seen after only 2 or 3 days...."


At the age of 2 years, our Egyptian Mau, Khepera, suffered an accident which resulted in the amputation of his front left leg. For the next 10 years he has coped exceptionally well and lived a full and happy life. However, the wear and tear and extra strain over those 10 years has seen the development of arthritis in the right shoulder and remaining front leg, which has slowed him down considerably and despite monthly injections and daily medication, has seriously restricted his movements.

We heard about the supplement Easy Mover from our daughter who has recently joined Calinnova Ltd and after reading about the possible benefits, decided to give it a try.

We started giving Khepera the supplement in his food on a daily basis and we're delighted to say that improvements were seen after only 2 or 3 days. Now after 2 weeks the changes are very noticeable. He can now walk much further before having to stop and rest. He stands and walks a lot higher on the leg and appears more comfortable. He now ventures out to the garden more often. He seems generally more alert and moves more freely, which we can only assume is attributable to less discomfort in his leg and shoulder.

We are very happy with the results so far and will continue to give him Easy Mover.

Dave & Lyn

Thank you DrS for this marvellous product...


I have a ragdoll cat, which is approaching 5 years old.  I’ve had her since she was a kitten.  The problem I have with her is that she attacks my feet and has mad 5 minutes just running around the furniture.  Sometimes when she is sat on the arm of a chair and I walk past her she will lash out with a paw.  She always seemed angry (even her eyes would turn red!).  I put all this down to her breed, always wanting attention constantly.

I then found out about DrS Cool, Calm & Collected.  I purchased a small pot and started giving it to pixie.  I didn’t see any difference to begin with, but then after a short period I noticed that she wasn’t attacking my feet anymore.  The Cool, Calm & Collected is certainly doing something!!

I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I have seen some more improvements – Pixie will now stay in the room when the grandchildren come in.  She won’t let them pick her up or stroke her too much, but she will tolerate them more.

Thank you DrS for this marvellous product.

Sue Humphreys

Within 2 weeks the dog’s paws were so much better, a huge difference...

I have a Border Terrier, who has had an awful allergy for 2 summers running.  We assumed it was a plant allergy.  Its paws were in a dreadful state – with red corns on the verge of bleeding.  The vet prescribed antihistamines which helped to some extent, our dog was reasonably comfortable, but it didn’t clear it up completely.

A friend then recommended Fight Back which she had used on one of her horses with great results.   I called; found they did a Fight Back product especially for dogs, which I bought.  I stopped the antihistamines, and gave 1 pinch of Fight Back per day per the instructions.  Again we had similar results; the Fight Back helped, but didn’t fully clear up the problem.  DrS advised me to increase the quantity, which I did.

Within 2 weeks the dog’s paws were so much better, a huge difference.  Our dog is able to go for longer walks because he doesn’t have the corns on his feet.  I have tried to drop the amount, but I find that symptoms do start coming back.  I’m sure if I took our dog off of Fight Back we would be back to square one.  The other good thing is that I can’t even feel that the corns were ever on his feet.

Thank you for all your help.


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